For French Services and Spares, Service is a key opportunity to learn in detail about your Car.

View in detail about what Citroen, Peugeot and Renault service we offer at our French Car Service Centre in Cape Town

Major Service

Petrol:   R 2 850       Diesel:   R 3 250

Oil, Oil Filter, Sump Washer, Diesel Filter (When necessary), Air Filter, Pollen Filter, Petrol Filter, Spark Plugs (petrol only), Check & Adjust Brakes.

Minor Service

R 1 350

Oil, Oil Filter, Sump Washer


          Subject to engine capacity           (Quote upon request)

Cambelt Kit


        Subject to engine capacity        (Quote upon request)

Anti-Freeze, Waterpump

Cambelt + Waterpump

         Subject to engine capacity        (Quote upon request)

Cambelt Kit, Waterpump, Anti-Freeze


       Subject to engine capacity        (Quote upon request)

Clutch Kits, Guide Bush, Drive Shaft Seals, Rear Main Oil Seal, Gearbox Oil, Skim Fly Wheel

Check Over

R 675

Duration 1.5 hrs

Diagnostic Test

R 300

Fault Reading


R 450

Per Hour

Front Brakes

R 900

Labour Only

Rear Brakes

R 800

Labour Only

Cylinder Heads

Subject to engine capacity

*All prices are inclusive of labour and are subject to change without prior notice

** All vehicle makes and models are welcome for services only 


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